(Registration Form) Ikhedut Portal Gujarat 2020 Yojana List- Application Status

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Ikhedut yojana is a scheme introduced by the government for the farmers living in the state who waste a lot of money for agricultural and agricultural related resources.Ikhedut Scheme is a scheme implemented by the Gujarat Government for the farmers of Gujarat, Farmers Welfare and Cooperation Department in Gujarat. Its main purpose is that farmers can get direct information about various schemes run by the government and the poor farmers can easily get the benefit of this scheme.

For the farmers of the State, Gujarat State government has started a new portal scheme by the name Ikhedut Yojana 2020 Gujarat. This portal is launched by the State government of Gujarat with a goal to provide information to State farmers about various schemes of farmers in the State. State government has launched various schemes for the farmers, and many farmers are not aware of them. This portal will help farmers to know, about schemes.

Ikhedut Portal Gujarat 2020

The scheme is a scheme launched by the government to raise the level of farmers. This will work in the interest of farmers. Information will be easily available on the web portal launched through this scheme’With the help of the Ikhedut portal, farmers are helped to provide the necessary tools for cultivation and animal husbandry but for this, the farmers will have to apply online under the Ikhedut Portal. And for this we will give you all the information about how to apply online.

Ikhedut Portal Gujarat 2020

As we discussed that this is an online web-portal which helps the farmers of Gujarat to calculate their land details. In the initial phase, this portal is used for Animal Husbandry, Agriculture, Horticulture and Fisheries.This ikhedut portal is especially for online subsidy process as well as for farmers of Gujarat. So, if you are looking for the same then you are at the right web-page.

Ikhedut Portal Gujarat 2020 Yojana List

In this article, we   will get the necessary information about ikhedut Yojana . In which we have the significance of the plan along with the importance of the plan   And what is the plan primarily  designed for?  And what will be the working of the scheme  ? How can  you apply to the scheme  ?  What do you benefit  from this plan ? How can you join  this scheme   You have told every important thing in this plan in this article.

Schemes includes about Fisheries, Water Conservation, Animal Husbandry, Land, Horticulture, Farming etc. Every information about all these schemes will be available on this Ikhedut Yojana. With the help of this portal farmers will be able to apply for the schemes online. They can do this anytime they want, as, portal is online for 24X7. This portal is launched by the Department of Agriculture and Co-Operation.

  1. Mb Plau (Hydraulic Reverse)
  2. Underground Pipe Line-PVC
  3. Automated Seed Drill.
  4. Mb Plau
  5. Mb Plau (mechanical Reversible)
  6. Automated Seed Low Fertilizer Planner
  7. Open Pipeline
  8. Cultivator
  9. Automated Seed Low Fertilizer Drill
  10. Groundnut Digger
  11. Cleaner Cum Grader
  12. Charge Cutter (engine/ oil motor operated)
  13. Chasele Plau
  14. Captor Cutter (tractors/ Power Tiller Operator)
  15. Zero Teal Seed Low fertilizer Planner
  16. Serious Teal Seed Low Fertilizer Drill
  17. Discover Plau
  18. Tractor
  19. Pedi Trans-Planet
  20. Discover Heroes
  21. Retired
  22. Power Tiller
  23. Potato Planter
  24. Bund Farmer
  25. Multi Crop Planter
  26. Post Hall Digger
  27. Stable Saver
  28. Ripper (self Propelled)
  29. Land Level
  30. Slasher

Ikhedut Yojana 2020 Gujarat

This portal is an innovative plan taken by State government for farmers. Its implementation process has already been started. Schemes available in this portal can now be used by the farmers, by applying online in the website. State farmers use lot of money for farming, this portal will help farmers to obtain subsidy under various schemes available in the portal. This portal main objective is to help farmers obtain direct information about schemes.

Information in the portal will help poor farmers with various subsidy schemes of government. Farmers can easily avail these information from the portal, online. Farmers involves in animal farming will get the help of animal husbandry schemes. Farmers involves in fish farming will get information about fisheries schemes through this portal. Just like this various government running schemes will now be utilized by farmers of the State.

Ikhedut Yojana Details

  • Ikhedut Portal is  a web portal implemented for the benefit of farmers by the government   .
  • Its intention is to reach out to the farmers directly the schemes being run by the government for the farmers.
  • It has been implemented by the Department of Agriculture, Farmers Welfare and Cooperation, Government of Gujarat.
  • Under this, information about all the schemes and the process of application is done online.
  • Also, farmers do not have to pay any fee for this.
  • Under this, all the necessary information related to farming, animal husbandry, fisheries etc. and the facility to apply in the schemes are provided.
  • On this portal, you   will get information about Input Dealer ,  lending institutions ,  government schemes ,  agricultural guidance ,  market prices ,  weather etc.
  • You can apply for any scheme directly through this portal.
  • You will need some important documents to apply. Such as ground record, bank passbook, Aadhaar card, ration card, ballot paper, light bill etc.

Ikhedut Portal 2020 Yojana Benefits

  1. This portal contains, every State government schemes information.
  2. To take the benefit of scheme, farmers don’t have to visit various departments to apply for scheme.
  3. This portal brings transparency in schemes as, farmers don’t have to deal with middle man.
  4. Those farmers, who want to obtain about scheme, they can get it any time with the help of this portal.
  5. Also this portal provide the luxury to farmers to apply at any time of the day they want. Farmers can even apply on Sunday if they want.
  6. Farmers who have not registered yet they can also apply for the various schemes.
  7. This portal was introduced by the Department of Farmers Welfare, Agriculture and Co-operation of Gujarat.
  8. Farmers don’t have to pay any fees for this.
  9. Portal provides the information about market prices, agriculture guidance, input dealers, weather, government schemes, lending institutions etc.

Ikhedut Yojana Eligibility Criteria

  1. This scheme is meant for the permanent resident farmers of the Gujarat.
  2. To take the benefit of this scheme, farmers must contain Aadhar Card.
  3. Bank Account of Farmers is also essential.
  4. Applications get approved by the pre-approval officer.
  5. Document and form verification is done by the authorities.

ikhedut portal registration Form

  •  To apply for schemes under the ikhedut portal , first of all you have to visit the authorized website  of this scheme  .
  • authorized  website here to go to the CLICK 
  • Now you have   to CLICK on the option of  “Plans” .
  • here to go directly to plan options   CLICK
  • Now choose your topic or plan based on your requirement.
  • After selection, a new  window will  open, in which you have to choose an option. Which will be asked  “Do you have a registered applicant”  in that you  “do not”  have to choose the option.
  • Now you  click to proceed “”  button  CLICK  do.
  • Now you’re seeing  Window  on  Click to “new application”  button  CLICK  must.
  • Now a  Form  will appear.
  • First of all, you have to   fill in the details of the applicant, the information sought by the applicant. Such as  name , address ,  village ,  mobile number ,  e-mail  etc.….
  • After that you have to  fill the  bank details of the applicant . In which you will get the  bank name ,  IFSC code ,  account number  etc. …….
  • Now you have   to fill the land details  and  ration card details .
  • Now you will see a CODE below, you   have  to write that  CODE in the empty field and   click on ” Save Application” button   .
  • In this way your application will be done.

ikhedut Portal Application Status

  • Under this plan  Status Application ikhedut Portal  here you information  CLICK 
  • Now a  Form  will appear.
  • The  Form  on the wrench  Application  number  and  mobile  number  to write.
  • After this you have  to write the visible  CODE in the empty field.
  • Now you have to CLICK on the ” Application Status ” button   .

Ikhedut Tractor

  • With the help of this scheme farmers can also apply for tractors.
  • Under this scheme farmers can also avail subsidy for the tractors.
  • For the 40 PT) HP tractor farmer can receive subsidy up to 25% or of Rs 45,000/-.Farmer can choose either the percentage or the amount of the subsidy.
  • In 60 PTO HP tractor the subsidy available is of 25% or Rs 60,000/-. Farmer can apply for any of the subsidy.
  • To apply for this farmers have to click on the “Schemes of Ketiwadi” option.

ikhedut Portal 2020 (ikhedut Portal Gujarat)

  • To go to ikhedut portal 2020 (ikhedut portal Gujarat)  , first of all CLICK here   .
  • Now you will have been provided different facilities on this portal. Such as  Input Dealer ,  lending institutions ,  government schemes ,  agricultural guidance ,  market value , weather etc.
  • You have to choose any of these options according to your need.
  • Here we will discuss all the options.

Services offered under Ikhedut 

Input Dealer of Productive Material on the option CLICK 

ikhedut.gujarat.gov.in| Gujarat Ikhedut Portal 2020 Apply Online

  • To visit the portal first click on this link.
  • After clicking on this given link you will be redirected towards the official webs portal home page.
  • You will see various option available in the home page menu of the website.
  • Farmers can choose various facilities available in portal of Agriculture Guide, Weather, Input Dealers, Plans/Government Schemes, Lending Institutions, Market Price, etc.
  • You can select any of these facilities according to you need.
  • All the facilities details will be discussed below in this passage one by one.
  • To Check Input Dealer facilities click on this link.
  • Now, you will see a new page with various options.
  • You can select any of the option according to your wish and need.
  • To use Lending Institutions facility click on this link.
  • Now, you will see a page like in the photo.
  • In this you have to select your district name and bank branch name.
  • If bank branch does not appear you can visit your bank branch and tell them to add bank branch in the portal.
  • To take the benefit of Plans/ Government Schemes facility click here.
  • After this you will see various plans and government schemes details in the page.
  • You can select any of the available plan or schemes to your will.
  • To check Agriculture guide option facility click here.
  • After this you will see three main options of “Farming”, “Horticulture” and “Pastoralism”.
  • Now click any of the option and then “Select Main Group” scroll down option.
  • After this select any of the facility you wish to take benefit of.
  • To take benefit of “Market Price” facility click here.
  • Now you can select any of the available option in the page to your need.
  • To take benefit of Weather facility click here.
  • You will able to see the weather report of Gujarat districts by clicking on your district option.

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